Hello there!

I’m Cordell , an award winning designer:
UX design, digital products, and fun projects.

Prev: Shopify, Namecheap, Tespa, startups, agency.

I've worked with companies across industries, including Fortune 100's, esports, and early stage start-ups. Hands on experience building new ventures, shipping to 1B+ users, and designing for real business.

My most recent role at Shopify dived into the problem space of design tools for the future, and supporting user comprehension through UX, communication, and accessibility. I developed processes for scoping UX issues into concrete briefs and explorations, presenting ideas building stakeholder buy-in, planning user research and conducting studies in person, and working with developer teams to build in parallel faster.

My focus is on design, but I've added coding, ecommerce, and marketing to my toolset (often for my own projects). Online I post on Twitter and Dribbble, while offline I organize community events for ProductHunt and Tespa.



I studied Finance and Entrepreneurship at Penn State's Smeal School of Business (Yes, not design). I took a leave of absence to found Mappify with moderate success. Later I joined a Philadelphia design agency as Partner and grew the local and remote teams and lead client engagements. Through developing my design processes, I've found I'm most interested in product, strategy, and UX.

I was born in 🏝 Honolulu, Hawaii and lived just outside of Waikiki. I've lived in Seattle, China, New York, Washington D.C., and Montreal.

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