Pets I've Met

A social media app for pet lovers

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Designing a brand and app in a crowded niche, and learning
how to incorporate delight and fun into a product.


Design a brand and UI for Pets I’ve Met to support viral growth offline and online. Entice older users to interact and share with an online community through an app. Also look great on iOS and Android. Update the landing page to be on brand.


An engaging brand that is core to building an interactive brand of pet lovers. The app allows users to take and share photos overtime they interact with a pet, building a pet passport! The website is representative of the brand, alongside the mobile apps.


  • Strategy
  • Messaging
  • Brand & Identity Design
  • User Interface Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Web Design & Development
  • Mobile App Design & Development
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The key to winning the competition in social community apps lies in the level of execution. Pets I’ve Met, a social media app for pet lovers founded by two economics professors, approached Told to help design and develop their mobile app on iOS and Android — in time for their summer launch.

After putting ourselves in the shoes of both pet owners and pet lovers by visiting the local dog parks, we found that what matters in local pet communities, is having a space that fostered play and interaction. We used this insight to reflect a fun space in our phones, that would help foster sharing and rapport.

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As part of the launch preparation strategy, Pets I’ve Met connected with several local animal shelters to offer mutual services: in exchange for allowing them to take photos of pets on the Pets I’ve Met app, the pets and shelter would have a marketing channel to increase the chances of the pet being adopted. A secondary benefit of the offer is that the shelters, and staff and friends, become cheerleaders and advocates of the brand and app, offering immense trust and reliability in the brand value.

Continuing the momentum of local community engagement, the team partnered with a local minor league baseball team to launch the app at an game opening week!

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"To prepare and cover our bases, we worked with Pets I’ve Met to roll out a small beta program and organize bug requests and fixes."

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