Reimagining city visitor experiences
Mappify mobile web app shows parking availability based on geolocation

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Designing a brand and product for a personal venture that reimagines how smarter cities interact with visitors and drivers, using tools to manage and publish their own map apps.


What would the visitor experience be, if we could start from scratch, with the power of design and technology? How do we showcase local expertise, unique landmarks, restaurants, stores, procurement police, cost cutters, organization optimizers— the best that cities have to offer?


A strategic brand—logo, messaging, Power Point templates, signage, website, video and collateral—that not only represents new technology, but can encompass unique cities and localities. A CMS for cities and parking managers to upload and manage city data. The partner mobile app is a communication platform, not just a source of information.


  • Prototyping
  • Information Architecture
  • Web Development
  • App & Media Development
  • Searh Engine Optimization
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Mappify is a SAAS startup based in Pennsylvania, helping empower cities with technology to better communicate and interact with visitors. The company collaborates with parking departments and downtown improvement districts to display vital information needed by visitors, such as parking occupancy and availability, to visitors.

During an intense, 4 month sprint, we branded and developed Mappify from the ground up—strategy, design, website, mobile apps, a modern dashboard platform. To top it off, we prepared a public API launching Summer 2017.

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For visitors, navigating an unfamiliar city is routinely a stressful, hectic experience. Juggling the tasks of finding parking, hotels, food, and more is only conducive to poor first impressions. So far, staple apps like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Google Maps fill the gap, although disparately. The mentioned options, as well as others in the market, focus on separate niches, not addressing the overall wayfinding user story that everyone complains about.

Enter Mappify. Positioned as a suite of tools that equipped cities to manage data, apps, and metrics without the overhead of APIs and custom integrations, the team started immediately researching the industry. In comparison to third party apps that automatically aggregate data, Mappify is proud to help cities create and share first party information that is the most accurate possible.

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International Parking Institute
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